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Hi! I'm Melanie. I'm here to help smart people like you reap the benefits of natural medicine, healing foods & self-awareness. Welcome!

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You need a practitioner who will work with you as a whole person, not just a diagnosis. Learn about how my unique approach can help you.

Hormonal Balance & Fertility

Did you know that even complex hormonal woes like PCOS, thyroid issues, menopausal symptoms, menstrual difficulties, and infertility respond to healing foods, herbal medicine, and lifestyle changes? They do. I can teach you how.

Advanced Massage Therapy

If you're looking for a expert massage therapist in D.C. who can help you with chronic pain, injury rehab, a complex medical condition, or support you in releasing chronic stress & anxiety, you've come to the right place.

Free Resources

Settle in with a mug of tea and enjoy these free audio classes, articles, and guided meditations.

"My experience with Melanie has been nothing short of revolutionary... ... I initially doubted the amount of change herbs could bring to my health, but Melanie's skillful assessment and recommendations have made a dramatic difference in everything from my energy level to the strength of my nails and hair. Her welcoming manner and her clear descriptions of her thought process make her an ideal herbalist for someone not used to working with herbs, but her wealth of knowledge is also clearly evident. I couldn't possibly be more thrilled with Melanie's work, and I will - and have! - recommend her enthusiastically to anyone. You won't find a more personable, capable herbalist." ~Josie Brown Graduate Student and Author Holden, MA
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